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Lesson 8 - asking for directions

Russian cities and especially Moscow have very peculiar system of addresses
so it is very important to be able to ask directions.

When you want to ask direction, you first apologize:

- ИзвинИте, пожАлуйста! (– I beg your pardon, please!)

Then you ask direction:

-ГдЕ нахОдится …? (– Where is …?)

Think of the places you might be willing to find:
a theatre, a cinema, a museum, a bus stop, a metro station, a street, a house and so on.
Let’s learn how to say it in Russian!

Exercise 1

Listen and repeat!

теАтр – a theatre (I hope you’ve guessed:)
кинотеАтр - a cinema
музЕй – a museum (easy, isn’t it?)
останОвка автОбуса – a bus stop
стАнция метрО – a metro station
Улица – a street
дОм – a house

And, of course, you need to understand some directions!
If you don’t understand, you may say:

- ИзвинИте, я не понимАю! (– I’m sorry. I don’t understand!)

But even if you don’t understand a word,
there are always signs or you can ask to draw a plan:

- НарисУйте, пожАлуйста! (– Draw it, please!)

Still let’s learn the basic directions:

идИте… - you should go…
напрАво – right
налЕво – left
прЯмо – right
дО перекрЕстка – till an intersection
дО светофОра – till a traffic lights

When you are answered, you say

- СпасИбо!

Exercise 2

Now listen to the following dialogues and try to understand where the person wants to arrive.

Read the dialogs!

Phonetic part

There is one more thing you need to know about the Russian pronunciation.
And that is the distinction between voiced and unvoiced consonants.
Let's look at the following pairs of consonants:

Б б П п
В в Ф ф
Д д Т т
Ж ж Ш ш
З з С с

The first of the pair is voiced (it means if you put your arm to your throat)
while pronouncing them you'll fill small vibration.
The second is voiceless (there is no vibration in the throat).

We pronounce voiced consonant as voiceless
if it comes at the end of a word.

So, for example, we pronounce лоб as лоп.

Exercise 3

Listen to the words and try to remark how the rule works!


Exercise 4

Now try to pronounce yourself!


Now check yourself!

That was a really hard lesson!

Would you like to listen to a Russian song in the end?
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