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Lesson 11 - Telling about yourself

Now it's time to learn how to tell some things about yourself.
Let's take me as an example:))

МенЯ зовУт Юля.
Я живУ в МосквЕ!
Я знАю англИйский язЫк.
Я изучАю итальЯнский язЫк.

My name is Julia.
I live in Moscow.
I know English.
I learn Italian.

Grammar comments

1. Most often verb forms of 1 Sing ("Я") end on -У or -Ю:
жив-У, знА-ю, изучА-ю.
As far as you can see the stress is not always on -У or -Ю.
You may ask when it is -У and when it is -Ю.
We'll learn that later but today you can remember the following rule:
-У comes after hard consonants (for example, В)
-Ю comes after vowels.

2. The preposition "В" ("in") requires a special case of the noun.
Most often it ends on -Е:
в Москв-Е, в ПарИж-е, в МонреАл-е, в Нью-ЙОрк-е.
As far as you can see the stress is not always on -E.

3. The Russian adjectives in masculin form often ends on -ИЙ:
англИйск-ий, итальЯнск-ий, францУзск-ий, немЕцк-ий, рУсск-ий.

Now, please, tell me about yourself!

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